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The UCSB Burning Skirts are a competitive collegiate level ultimate frisbee team. With a long history of national championships and elite level frisbee players, the Skirts are a group of wacky athletes with a long-standing frisbee problem. If you're looking for a competitive, challenging, sport played by a quirky family, look no further than the Burning Skirts.

The UCSB Burning Skirts are open to all experience levels. Not many have touched a frisbee prior to college, let alone played a full game of ultimate. Because of this, we welcome all who are willing to come out, give their all, and join us in playing this amazing sport. Just grab some cleats and hop into a practice with us!

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The Burning Skirts practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:0o - 9:00 pm on UCSB's RecCen turf fields. During the season, the team also travels on weekends to tournaments ranging from the dry plains of San Diego to the rainy expanses of Seattle, WA. Outside of practice and games, the Burning Skirts toss discs and die weekly to stay in shape and keep the snap strong.


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